If we’re honest with ourselves, no one truly has the whole picture on what’s going on in the world, except The Global Ruling Class, whose first priority is the preservation of their own family’s bloodlines. If we no longer deny these people have an agenda (parts of it are published for us to see) and that corruption exists globally. we begin to see and hear it all.
Our freedoms and liberties are being challenged and diminishing rapidly in recent times. Some of those changes are irreversible and some people will only see it after it’s all said and done. This is the frog in boiling water syndrome. And this is not theory.
Some of us have felt the heat and jumped up and started to speak. We want to preserve these freedoms and liberties that are being eroded as parts of a new world agenda. THIS is what The Academy is standing up against and wanting to forge meaningful change! Before it really IS too late.
And the liberty to choose for ourselves what we want or don’t want in our bodies as well. We’re not on any one side, but moreso aligned with the values of truth, liberty, equality and the betterment of the planet, animals and mankind.
We could solve poverty, illness and homelessness in the world because there’s enough money and natural resources to do it. Yet that’s not where we are being led right now by The Global Ruling Class.
This is something we want to be a part of changing – a mission and meaning for my life, giving life wellbeing to others. We know many others want to do the same too. We’ve already connected with many and started working with many, through our online learning platform and our live events.
And collectively we could manage our future – population growth and planetary well being, wildlife conservation and more without hidden, totalitarian control and manipulation. We do not need a “top-down” approach to these matters as there are so many consciously knowledgeable and capable people ready to serve the world.
There are free energy knowledge banks all humans could access to reduce and even eliminate some of the most evil and damaging industries in the world. Natural Resources, Pharmaceutical, Synthetic Agriculture to name a few. This is also something we want to help to do in the world as part of our collective legacy.
We stand FOR that realisation and opportunity. So mock us, and even vilify us – if that is the best use of your time. Without supporting each other, we are fodder to the agendas already being executed, that do not support these ideals and values. Or join us in what may be, our final collective chance to create new beginnings for all of mankind.
Our Live Volunteer Events, for the 5 years prior to C-19, have been devoted to humanity healing and since C-19, through our Online Learning Platform, with our Live Volunteer Events returning too. We’ve travelled with groups and volunteered in some of the world’s poorest parts with some of the most gut wrenching circumstances. How did all of the atrocities we’ve seen happen to these people, these animals, and our precious environment? We know how! Because we didn’t know enough and therefore we didn’t do enough – of the right things to prevent or change it. We have all been caught up in trying to keep up in life.
Some call it “Caught up in The System” of modern society.
We’ve left it to The Ruling Class to figure it out for us.
We’ve surrendered to the idea that governments and world leaders are going to get it right, for all of us.
And we continue to relinquish our natural born rights.
And so they’ve created Agendas for the world’s future based on preserving their own bloodlines and what they believe THEY will need for the good of their selected mankind.
These ‘solutions’ do not include you and I unless they deem we will be useful servants to them – and we will have little to no rights.
That translates to recent events you can now see – they’ve come down on us with very heavy hands, threatening our very sense of freedom, liberties and even self management. Compulsory vaccination, nano tracking technologies, The “Social Credit System” recently implemented in China and more are frightening beginnings to the new normal they want us to believe.
And they’ve also alleviated us of much of our accumulated wealth, starting with excessive taxes. And … Think back to and since the GFC up to now and what we’re going through right now.
What are they going to do to us next? Economically it looks grim and a huge humanitarian food crisis has begun.
Truth plays a big part in Humanity Healing and recently, some pretty ugly truths have been revealed. It’s traumatic and messy to awaken or realise these truths when things are a normal kind of calm.
It’s been super crazy, chaotic and confusing just adjusting to this new world and on top of that, many have discovered truths about the bigger picture, history we were not taught in schools and the reality of the future of our lives.
It’s a lot. A real lot. But we’ve made it this far and that’s a positive sign.
Humanity Awakening IS Humanity Healing
So what to do?
We think it’s all about energy:
– vibrant, intentional personal energy (that’s how you and I need to show up in the world) and
– radiant, purposeful natural energy.
(Note: Tesla did design a radiant energy system and The Ruling Class has his blueprints, allegedly collected by Trumps Uncle from Tesla’s safe upon his death.)
It’s like a New World Energy (feminine) instead of the proposed New World Order (masculine).
And we also think it’s all about bouncing back, not fighting back. We were born super powerful, we just need to get it back, energetically.
You know now what’s going on and it could have you feeling helpless. Totally understandable because the awakening phase of Humanity Healing is only the first part. All the pieces are coming together though. Trust yourself and your intuition above all else.
On some level, you will know that what I’m saying so far rings true and gives you a sense or feeling that there’s something in this for you too.
You feel it – an alignment of sorts. It could even be an emotional realisation for you. That’s your true self emerging for you. Not the self that’s been in “The System” all your life, until now.
Next and now, it’s your time to unlock and use more of your true hidden super powers.
Just because The Ruling Class has all the money in world and can print more on demand, does not leave you and I powerless. No. Not at all.
We are being powerless because we have not yet chosen to find a way to support each other with a common cause on equal grounding. We’ve allowed The Ruling Class to lead us and we’ve followed blindly.
We are taught to judge one another and to notice differences, to select and deselect based on personal constructs, herd popularity, generational trends and social bias. Influencers like actors, musicians, entertainers, celebrities and media personalities have directed a lot of that narrative.
We’ve worked with all kinds of personalities in the humanitarian work I’ve been doing around the world and it’s shifted me away from those norms – it’s opened me up and allowed me to discover deeper, compassionate feelings and thoughts and helped to me embrace so many more people from all types of humanity.
Initially I struggled with some of the personalities I was working with and I was also my own quirky personality of course. I’d find myself in petty situations that would only bring harm, not healing.
Then one day the epiphany happened, a realisation brought total clarity:.
It’s not easy to explain this but here’s a shot at it. Some of our closest comrades in our field work are some of the most unlikely friends, in the norms I outlined above. Now that may sound silly but here’s the thing – when you look beyond the personality and into that person’s soul, you will find the deep and most authentic senses of love and appreciation that can be felt between two souls. It’s magical, super powerful and it transcends everything. EVERYTHING. Soul mates are not only couples, they can be and are also in friendships and when serving a common cause, souls connect as a powerful and transformative collective.
And in our service work, that collective achieves more than any of our benefactors have imagined was possible. I’ve heard it so many times at the completion of our projects – how blown away they are by our level and degree of service.
We exceed expectations 100% of the time. Theirs and our own.
The only times there’s been anything less than our collectives possessing super human like powers / more than ever imagined possible, is when we have slipped back fully in to our humanity.
On a recent trip we witnessed the effects of alcohol ripping people out from their soul connection and in to personality indifference. And conflict existed.
When we look at one another as the divine souls that we are, it’s SO easy to come together and achieve more than ever can be imagined. We’ve seen it, we’ve been it and maybe we must be here at this time to share it and maybe even lead it.
So are you ready to be the changes you really do want to see in the world? Or are you going to surrender and live in the humanity and the Agenda that states our divided destiny?
Every soul is here to serve, including yours. You just have to want to start connecting from there.
Your Soul has senses just like your body. When you tune in and trust in theses senses, you ARE connecting from your souls most powerful sources and capacity.
These senses are your:
– Intuition
– Peace
– Foresight/Vision
– Trust and
– Empathy.
And you are transcending the entrapments of our current state of controlled humanity.
This is transformational for you, your loved ones and you become part of the ripple effect of transformation for all of humanity.
And the rest will unfold in it’s perfect and divine time for you and for all of us.
We don’t need fights and wars. Leave that to those who have surrendered but are yet to take a leap in to living and loving from our soul.
If you want to forge a new Agenda that’s inclusive and leaves a wonderful generational legacy, then come stand with us in soul connection to help heal and transform humanity.
Join The Great Humanity Comeback Movement and enjoy our FREE Online Course here
We love you all.
The Team at Conscious World Academy

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