“Clear Thinking Reveals Truth and Truth is the Gateway to Humanity Healing in a Conscious World”

CONSCIOUS (adj.) – characterized by or having an awareness of environment, existence, sensations, and thoughts. Synonym: aware.
WORLD         (noun) – the earthly state of human existence.
ACADEMY    (noun) – a learning school or centre for specialised information and instruction.

Conscious World Academy is an eco-system of fulfilling opportunities and experiences including :

1) LIVE EVENTS – team-building volunteer days and tours;

2) ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM – personal and professional development to become the change we want to see in the world;

3) COMMUNITY HUB – connection to greater awareness and consciousness as an active global community member;

4) PHILANTHROPY – increase your income and eliminate your debt to fund humanitarian projects; and

5) MARKETPLACE –access to a range of conscious lifestyle choices, from various merchants around the world.


To shift the Conscious Global Paradigm from Lockdown, Restriction and Isolation to Liberty, Freedom and Contribution, that will evolve and unleash the soul-driven purpose and true power of the people of the world, united with a common cause – whether as part of their work or play, whether home or away.

Our inclusive projects and programs to achieve common humanitarian and planetary goals we all desire and dream about are delivered through 5 key channels:

(1) Learning opportunities via our Online Platform;

(2) Volunteering opportunities including local team community days and global group voluntour trips;

(3) Community collaboration opportunities through our Online Social Hubs;

(4) Income Stream opportunities to fund philanthropic projects, starting with personal debt elimination; and

(5) Product and service selection opportunities, to help live a more conscious and rewarding life.

The impact we make leaves a positive footprint and legacy through:

(1) Awakening greater consciousness and higher awareness along with increasing life skill sets;

(2) Enhancing life experience and life meaning with eco-sensitive, culturally-connected, fun experiences;

(3) Transforming life value as a united, global community, guided by licensed and qualified Conscious Leaders;

(4) Increasing personal empowerment by eliminating the pressures and stresses of debt,  and creating new income to pursue life-changing projects and programs; and

(5) Improving quality of life whilst reducing our planetary impact as well increasing our individual awareness and collective consciousness.



To Awaken, Influence, Educate and Transform Consciousness of Community (our membership base) and Corporations (primarily Companies and Businesses) wanting to Evolve Their Commitment to Social Responsibility, Community Relativity, Planetary Impact as well as Personal Legacy, to make the world more in to the image we all imagine and dream about.

  • Through our Online Learning Platform, we connect and validate people and companies firstly with their own true and valuable self, with courses specifically designed for personal and professional development of mind, body, heart, spirit and soul as well as team and community leadership skill sets.
  • Through Professionally Curated and Co-ordinated “Best-Practice” Volunteer Days and Voluntour Trips, we actively complete a variety of carefully selected, meaningful and sustainable projects that serve indigenous communities, under-privileged children, victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. We also assist organisations involved in wildlife welfare and animal rescue services and sanctuaries with hands-on volunteer work, support and fundraising, where possible.
  • Through our Global Community Hub, we facilitate collaboration-in-service, integrating different cultures and broader communities, and using communication modalities including hands-on work, online research, story-sharing/experiencing, declarations, pledges, traditional music and ancient, sacred rituals and ceremonies to enrich the experience of all parties involved in chosen projects.
  • Through our Philanthropic projects and pursuits, we identify suitable, sustainable social and community projects that enhance and improve the lives of under-privileged children primarily and their communities as well as the wider animal kingdom, water and the planet.
  • Through our Marketplace, we offer a range of products and services from carefully-selected merchants who value a more conscious and aware world and can offer lifestyle and health improvement for our members who desire the same too.



We strive to be an organization, that’s a source of change, evolution and elevation of humanity and that when our community members engage in our programs and projects, there is a transformative effect – one they can readily integrate and embody in to their daily lives. That could be as simple as taking a reusable water bottle on outings, gaining greater social and professional skill sets, deepening appreciation for cultural diversity and indigenous issues and becoming a registered licensee and “Agent of Change” and transformation as a leader in our organisation.

This transformation will come from greater appreciation for themselves, other cultures and also communities that will vary greatly to their own. That is how we are going to transform the world to a higher level of consciousness and awareness of life, living and giving in the world.

At our core, our values include a responsibility to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive benefits to the environment in our own lives, our business operations and in the operations of local businesses and organisations we support. We recognize both the need to account for our own impacts and the opportunity to lead through example — and we will continue to create new structures and systems that allow more people to participate in best practices particularly through our education programs and as accredited Licensees.

Our team days and trips are our most powerful ways to bridge divides as the world becomes more and more complex. Both through online collaboration and through travelling as teams, we can get closer to those across the globe and understand that sustainability, cultural and environmental conservation and climate action isn’t just about nature and regions but involves cultures and people.

We must do more than simply treading lightly. We are obligated to leave the place better than we found it. We can bring these learnings home and implement them as part of our lifestyles and hand these practices on to our children, broader family members, friends and colleagues.

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